About Us

About Us

About Us


AV Custom Integrations is a one-of-its-kind custom audio-visual and technology integration company that has the potential to transform your homes and workplaces to a fully equipped functional space.
We believe in serving our clientele spread all over the globe to the highest capacity possible, paying great attention to details. We are a focused lot and pay utmost heed to even the slightest intricacies of the wishes of our clients and deal every project with importance ensuring their satisfaction. Therefore, we proudly affirm that each of our plans is bespoke that takes care of the personal requirements, tastes and preferences of our clients.


We specialize in everything right from installing audio-visual systems, enhancing lighting design and automation, graphic design, information and IT networking, security and surveillance, acoustic treatments as well as soundproofing construction for both residential and commercial usage.
The unique aspect of our diverse work is that we create and transform the homes and workplaces with the benefits of AV automation in the most systematized and planned manner so that it merges almost like the décor of your interiors. We pursue each of the projects in a stage-wise plan right from the commencement of the project with proper concept drawings by our in-house designers to planning the complicated details of custom installation and automation of the AV systems.
Our team of expert designers offers you all the needed support and supervision throughout every stage of the projects and out cutting edge systems help to reinvent your workplaces and homes in the best possible manner. We also offer custom support plans for both commercial and residential clients.


We are a Houston based team of in-house AV and automation professionals. Our team comprises of audio-visual system designers, networking experts, IT technicians, wire pullers, custom fitters, and electricians. Equipped with the skill and training to offer you bespoke solutions that meet all your automation and AV needs, our diverse team of professionals hold the reputation of delivering on time maintain the highest standards of work.
With decades of experience in the realm, we at AV custom Integrations make sure that our clients get what they desire even if it means something unheard of. We innovate to offer them the most excellent outcomes to create a prolonged relationship that brings them back to us happy and contented with our work every time. Most importantly, we comprise of a team that are specialists in their fields who have come together working in sync to make your vision a reality. We also work in unison with our partners that specialize in custom architecture, construction, joinery, cabling, plastering as well as interior décor and design.


We believe that it’s not just enough to complete the projects on time but also in offering you complete support and assistance in the entire journey. The very aspect of redefining your spaces with all the IT and automation work itself calls for a lot of minute detail-oriented planning and support. We make sure you get what you desire and offer you unmatched support and assistance even after the work is completed. We persevere to provide you with the most satisfying experiences while relying on us.


It’s needless to say that nothing can be more aesthetic to look at than a beautifully automated living space or work area that has innovation and style blended together to perfection. With the unparalleled attention to detail, we ensure that all our IT products and AV installations blend in with your interior décor with utmost style and finesse. We provide that there is optimum utilization of space without compromising the aesthetics and interior décor of the area so that all you get is seamless automation and flawless integration of all IT setups right at your fingertips. Therefore, if you are looking for solutions that will offer matchless automation in sync with the aesthetics of your house or commercial establishment, we are just the right choice!